"Learning is not compulsory... neither is survival."  -W. Edwards Deming

NFPA 1500 PPE Safety and Use

Learn what every firefighter should know before using NFPA 1971 compliant gear through an in-depth 12-part video series. Take the test after each video. Once you have successfully completed all the tests, you'll earn three hours of continuing education from Butler Tech.  Start training now. ►

NFPA 1851 Training

A video series that trains you how to perform Advanced PPE Inspections, Advanced PPE Cleaning and Basic PPE Repairs so you can help your department implement an NFPA 1851 PPE care and maintenance program. Become your department's resident expert: take the test after each training topic to earn your CEU certificate from Butler Tech for each subject you successfully complete. You are eligible to receive one hour of continuing education for each subject you complete, except Advanced Inspection: Turnouts, which is worth 1.5 hours.  Start training now. ►

LION Product Training

Other instructional videos about the fit, form and functionality of LION products.
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